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Condensation is the most common cause of damp problems in both homes and offices. It is caused by air condensing on internal walls, particularly in rooms with a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens. If you are noticing damp in your home or office, don’t worry. Preservit can help you identify the cause of condensation and take the necessary measures to manage and prevent condensation from damaging the aesthetics and comfort of your home.

What Causes Condensation?

Warm air contains large amounts of moisture or water vapours. When it comes in contact with a cold surface, the moisture condenses and falls out as water droplets on the cold surface. Everyday activities, such as bathing, cooking, and washing, release moisture into the air. When this air comes in contact with internal walls, it releases moisture, thereby leaving dampness on the wall surface.

How to Identify Condensation?

If you suspect that you have a condensation problem in your home, there are few signs you can look for to establish its presence. These include:

  • Water on the inside of windows or on the window sill
  • Unpleasant musty smell
  • Dark mould patches, particularly on or around windows

If left untreated, condensation can damage wall plaster, as well lead to the decay of wooden window frames and other timber structures. Therefore, it is important to seek assistance from a professional who can help you identify the source of moisture and take appropriate measures to prevent condensation.

How do we Treat Condensation?

To fix this problem, it is important to firstly identify the source of moisture in the air. Since everyday activities release large quantities of moisture in the air, condensation is an inevitable process. In most cases, ensuring adequate ventilation is an effective solution. However, when condensation is being caused due to blocked air vents and chimneys, double glazing windows, and other problems, professional assistance becomes essential.

At Preservit Ltd., we have a team of professionals who have extensive experience of treating a variety of damp problems, including condensation.

When you hire us to tackle condensation, we will conduct a thorough survey to identify all the factors that are causing the problem. We will then use our specialised condensation treatments to fix the problem and prevent mould growth, timber damage, and other consequences of condensation. In addition, our experts will assist you with the installation of extractor fans, selection of dehumidifiers, and other devices to control and prevent condensation of moisture present in the air.

If you have tried improving ventilation and are still having damp problems in your home, contact our specialists. We will conduct a thorough survey to identify the source of moisture and use our specialised techniques to fix the problem.

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