Woodworm Treatment Wolverhampton, Stourbridge, Stafford, West Bromwich, Birmingham, Telford, Walsall & Surrounding Areas

Woodworm can be a major issue to buildings and properties that if left untreated can lead to major structural damage to a building. At Preservit Ltd., we offer woodworm treatment services to eradicate any kind of infestation in a cost-effective manner.

What is Woodworm?

Do you live in Wolverhampton, Stourbridge, Birmingham, Walsall or any of the surrounding areas in the West Midlands? Are you concerned you might have a woodworm problem? Read the details below to find out more …

Woodworm is a collective term used to describe all the insects and pests that attack and feed on wood and timber.

While there are a number of wood-boring insects, Common Furniture Beetle remains the most commonly found woodworm in the UK. It attacks soft wood structure, impacting its strength and stability.

Other species that may attack timber structures include:

  • House Longhorn Beetle
  • Wood Boring Weevil
  • Death Watch Beetle

How Woodworm Can Damage Your Property

Woodworm larvae feed on the wood and timber then leaves small tunnels that can reduce the structural integrity and strength of timber structures. The extent of damage depends on the size of woodworm infestation. However, since woodworm infestation can grow rapidly, it is important to eradicate it at an early stage before it causes significant damage.

How to Identify Woodworm Infestation

If you think that your property is infected with woodworm, you should look for the following telltale signs of a woodworm infestation:

  • Small round holes on the surface of wooden structures
  • Fine, powdery dust around the holes
  • Live or dead beetles
  • Weak or damaged floor boards

How to Treat Woodworm Infestation

From the condition of the infested timber to the type and accessibility of infestation.

There are a number of factors that should be considered to select the right treatment method for the successful eradication of woodworm infestation.

At Preservit Ltd., we adopt a comprehensive and methodical approach towards woodworm treatment of timber infestation. When you choose as your preferred provider, our experts visit your property to determine the severity of the problem.

Once the extent of the problem has been determined, we employ appropriate treatments that may range from insecticide spray to replacement of infected wooden boards.

To make sure that the whole area is treated effectively, our professionals first prepare the area and clean off any dust and debris. We then use environment-friendly, water-based insecticides that do not produce harmful fumes and rapidly kill all eggs, larvae, and adult insects.

Preservit have a wealth of experience in woodworm inspection and treatment – we have successfully eliminated woodworm infestation from a wide range of homes and offices around the West Midlands area including Wolverhampton, Stourbridge, Birmingham, West Bromwich, Cannock, Stafford, Telford, Walsall and more … Need help with your woodworm problem? Call us at 01902 655563 to find a cost-effective solution for treating woodworm infestation.