Timber & Damp Surveys

Deteriorating timber can cause severe complications for both commercial and domestic properties. If left undiagnosed, the damage can prove to be extremely problematic – and as a result … expensive to fix!

Preservit has gained a reputation as one of the premier independent timber and damp survey companies that can resolve your problems at an extremely competitive price. Our methods are known for being accurate and detailed – because we believe in a tried and tested process which ascertains a complete understanding of your premises.

This would include targeting areas of deterioration, your building construction type, incorrect building methods and any problematic materials that may have been used (certain materials can contribute to moisture ingress that heavily contributes to rotting in wood). This is why our inspections always include a thorough assessment of the property using the latest damp proofing technology – in addition to a surveying team with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Why Should You Use Preservit …

  • Accurate surveys – using tried and tested methods / technology
  • We never recommend sprays or chemicals that could be damaging to your health or property
  • We will get to the route of the problem, without hidden costs
  • All types of properties are surveyed
  • Ideally situated in the Midlands
  • A wealth of experience & understanding of damp proofing
  • A friendly and helpful service
  • A long list of satisfied customers – visit our review page to find out more
  • Available throughout the West Midlands including Wolverhampton, Birmingham, West Bromwich, Walsall, Dudley, Stafford, Telford and more

Our qualified and helpful surveyors will carefully assess the timber within the area of concern, so we can initially find which timbers may be damaged. We will then ascertain the type of deterioration that is harming the wood (and the extent of the damage) – this could be wet rot, dry rot, woodworm, condensation or many more factors.

This will involve using proven methods so we can assess the timber’s resistance and pin-point the level of deterioration. We can then accurately determine if the timber needs to be replaced or if it can be saved by making adjustments to the surrounding environment (eg. improved insulation, ventilation or necessary building repairs).

Once we have completed our survey, we will give a detailed explanation, highlighting the issues within your property and advise you on how to resolve these problems at the most reasonable cost .