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December 17, 2021

Moisture Mapping

by Geoff Flavell in Damp Proofing Blogs

Moisture Mapping

Our client asked our surveyor who is experienced in moisture mapping to map out the moisture pattern on certain walls as our image shows red indicates high levels of dampness this is shown 150mm above ground level.

The property dated 1940s does have a existing damp proof course (DPC) so you might think where is this dampness coming from then.

Our surveyor pointed out that the skirting boards are solid tiled and creating a bridge of the damp proof course through the cement compound used to fix the tiled skirting to the wall plaster this is in contact with the solid floor and therefore lapping over the DPC causing a bridge this is allowing moisture to bypass the DPC.

If you have any problems with moisture ingress in your home contact us we give advice over the phone or even send over some images of the problem you might have and we will try and identify the problem.

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