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August 5, 2020

Poor Sub-Floor Ventilation

by Geoff Flavell in Damp Proofing Blogs

Poor Sub-Floor Ventilation

Poor sub-floor ventilation is risking timber decay and everything that’s associated with wet rot.

Unventilated floor spaces can cause many problems including dry rot this rot is the one you want to avoid as can weaken or even destroy the structure of a building.

Preservit Ltd carry out dry rot surveys but we always insist on a destructive survey so we can find the extent of the fungus this is so important as other contractors that price on view will follow with extra costs if they carry out the remedial treatment.

Wood Rotting Fungus

Timber ground flooring can be a hidden danger for structural damage to your property, our timber & damp surveyors always come across different problems like finding varied types of timber rots including dry rot (serpular lacrymans) mine fungus (fibroporia vaillantii) and cellar fungus (coniophora puteana).

Dry Rot is the most major building decay fungus often causing substantial damage to the wood, wall plaster & masonry within the building mainly this fungus will go undetected until extensive damage has been caused and expensive work is required.

Sub-floor ventilation plays a big part in reducing the risks of timber decay we always recommend replacing the existing clay air-bricks with high efficient plastic units, problem with the original clay air-bricks is the small frontal holes are inadequate for ventilation due to design and debris build-up inside the brick from dust over many years, the plastic units are slim faced allowing more ventilation to pass through and keep the sub-floor well ventilated and reducing the risk of timber decay.

Contact us now for any problems you have relating to musty smells, decayed skirting boards or movement in timber flooring these could be signs of timber decay.

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